Friday 11 May 2012

Ramblings: 1st Anniversary & 1st Year Review

First Anniversary

Believe it or not, www.RambleAndWander.com is 1 year old today!  Well, I for one don't actually believe it, haha!  This blog was started exactly a year ago just for fun (and am still doing this for fun).  After a slow start at the beginning (or rather slow updates and missing for most of the year *gulps*), I've started to take this little project more seriously for the past 2 or 3 months by uploading new posts at least once a week.  Thus more than half of the total posts to date were actually published in the past couple of months.  Hits have started to pick up as well and although it's not my main concern when writing this blog, it's still a nice feeling to have if you know what I mean ;-) 

Okay, so... at the risk of sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech *embarrassed grins* I'd like to thank my friends who have helped and/or encouraged me with this project right from the beginning.  You guys know who you are, right?  :-)  I'd also like to thank my family and friends, and fellow travellers who have clicked "like", shared various posts on other social websites, left a comment or two or simply have visited and made a comment in person.  They're all much appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and do come back for more :-D

First Year Review

Review?  What review?  I won't bore anyone with the statistics but I'd still like to share two lists of popular posts for the past year based on (1) No. of Hits; and (2) No. of FB "Likes".  And here they are:

Popular Posts Based on No. of Hits 
  1. Iran: Top Things to Do and See in Tehran
Popular Posts Based on No. of Facebook "Likes"

Which are your favourite posts?  And why?  Have they made it to any of the lists above?


Comments and feedback are always appreciated. So do leave one or two if you have the time. Thank you!

  1. Pakcik, the first time u started this thing, u said u'd reward the one who comments FIRST on your anniversary with something SPECIAL!

    I know I'm the FIRST one to comment on your latest post!

    So, these are my wish list:

    1. I want a NEW Dubai shirt
    2. I want a NEW Jeffrey Archer book, other than the ones that I already have...

    Hehehe... .2 je..... boleh dak??? Nghahahaahaahaaaaa

    I know this time, u will say YES!!!! lalallalalaaaaaa......

    1. Tina, I'm speechless ;-D

      The thing is, the anniversary is on 11/05. And your comment came on 12/05. So even if what you're saying is true, (which is definitely not btw, despite your amazing and superb memory skills ;-)), you won't be getting any reward unfortunately ;-D

      But nvm... I'll buy you durian ice cream one day soon, okay? :-D

  2. Wow, berwajah baru!

    1. So rasa lawo ke dok, Cik N? Rasa mcm clean dan minimalist sikit (kononnya), heheh! Compared to the previous one la... ;-)

  3. yeap yeap, the old background clashes with your pictures, now your pictures are the stars of the page

    1. Yup, that's right. I mean about the background, not about the photos being the star (because I think it's my writing that maketh the difference, LOL! Kidding! ;-))

  4. While reading and admiring yr photos, i bumped into this post..."Happy 1st Anniversary". Keep up the good work and pls don't stop posting yr gorgeous photos...!

    1. Farikica, thank you, thank you, thank you :-)
      And please do continue to come back here for more ;-)

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