Tuesday 22 April 2014

Malaysia: Planting Mangrove Trees in Langkawi

After having been on 2 mangrove cruise tours in Pahang and Terengganu on the East coast part of Peninsular Malaysia, I have come to learn a bit about the beauty and importance of such places. I used to think that there's nothing interesting about mangrove forests. That they are just bushes that prevent me from getting a good view of the river, beach or the open sea from where I stand by the roadside. But the fact is, mangrove forests are home to various beautiful birds and interesting reptiles. Apart from these, I have seen monkeys hanging around and I have enjoyed magical moments too watching fireflies lighting up riverbanks like it's Hari Raya or Christmas. Apparently, about 75% of all tropical fish are also born in mangrove forests. Coral reefs, which some of us swim and dive deep just to enjoy the sight of, depend on these forests too. It is also believed that they provide even a better protection during tsunamis and hurricanes.

Video by La French TV Official

There is thus no doubt that mangrove forests are an important part of our ecosystem. Unfortunately, such forests are in decline, and they are declining fast. There is a need to maintain and ensure that mangrove forests remain and continue to play their important roles for generations to come. In one way or another, we can play our part and contribute too.

If you’re in Langkawi this Sunday 27th April, there is going to be a “Paya Bakau Species Tree-Planting Event” at Dayang Bunting Permanent Forest Reserve. The event is part of the Ship for Southeast Asia Youth Programme (SSEAYP) International General Assembly programme which is being held in Langkawi Island this month. The mangrove seedling event, however, is open to the general public. In fact, everyone is encouraged to participate as they plan to plant more than 20,000 mangrove seedlings in the area, making the event as the largest paya bakau species tree-planting event in Malaysia.

If you’re interested to be part of this record-breaking event, do register online here (link removed), or just head over to the jetty in Pekan Rabu, Kuah, Langkawi on Sunday 27th at 7.00 a.m. for registration and departure. 


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  1. Gonna be a fun weekend activity it seems. One of the activities that I have meaning to try, for the sake of nature. Tetiba teringat Cheratinggg..

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