Wednesday 29 August 2018

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition - Bagan Myanmar - Ramble and Wander

If you’re reading this, chances are we both have one thing in common; we love to travel. A life filled with adventures is something I always strive to go by each day. (Okay, so “each day” here might be a bit exaggerated but you know what I mean…) Hence, today’s entry will be about that! Let’s go on an adventure across Southeast Asia and see what’s in store for the thrill-seekers like us!

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Anyway, let’s get back to the adventure part of life!

Thailand: Tuk-tuk Ride

Forget Fast & Furious. Here in Thailand, you’ll get the ride of your life with a tuk-tuk! A tuk-tuk may seem just like some normal three-wheeler, but when you put this three-wheeler on a busy highway among other four-wheeled vehicles, you’ll get the adrenaline rush when you least expect it. Apparently, this is one of the preferred modes of public transportation around Thailand. Tuk-tuk is also commonly known as samlor. On top of a thrilling ride, you might also find yourself in a gripping situation if scammers come out to prey on you. It’s thus best to remain alert and prepare yourself with some street smart skills or else some irresponsible tuk-tuk drivers might just suck you dry during your adventure in Thailand.

Malaysia: Skytrex Adventure

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition - Skytrex Adventure Malaysia - Ramble and Wander

Let’s travel down to Malaysia, the home of irresistible nasi lemak and teh tarik. However, we are not here to eat, because if we do, it might just go back out when we spend the rest of the day forcing our soul off our bodies with some adrenaline pumping activities at Skytrex Adventure. Skytrex Adventure will test your ultimate recreational skills with their aerial obstacle course in a scenic forest setting. There are three places in Malaysia where you can find them; Selangor, Langkawi and Melaka. Take your pick or you can go test your skills at all three of them! Hey, we’re going on an adventure here, so you better bet craziness is in the list! Here, you can relive your deepest desire of being a Tarzan in their tree-to-tree sky-trekking activity. You can climb, swing, glide, fly or even dangle your way through the course. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. The staffs will ensure all the harnesses are in good shape before they let you off to conquer the course.

Philippines: Boracay Parasailing

Maybe all the climbing and dangling is not enough for your thrilling soul. Well, let’s fly over to the Philippines because here, you will also be dangling... but way above the raging seas of Boracay Island. Actually, I might have exaggerated the “raging seas” part (but hey, you never know what Mother Nature’s mood at that point, right?) but nevertheless, you will be up in the air - parasailing. Cowabunga, dude!! The whole ride will take just about 15 minutes but the question remains; will it be either a slow, torturous 15 minutes or a thrilling, heart-pumping, too-short 15 minutes of your life? Mine is the latter, of course! (Admittedly, I’m typing this with a nervous laugh though, haha! 😝) But then, how else are you ever going to fly free like a bird and enjoy a bird’s eyes view of the sea, the beach and the island?

Myanmar: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition - Hot air balloon in Bagan Myanmar - Ramble and Wander
Okay, maybe you want to drop it down a notch. Maybe you’ll want something more relaxing but still equally enticing to your nerve. Let’s swim on over to Myanmar - but, seriously, don’t swim, take the plane. Let’s head on to Bagan - an ancient city with over 2,000 temples and no doubt, loads of interesting stories to tell. However, we’re not here for stories, because we have our eyes set on the hot air balloon experience. Hop onto a humongous hot air balloon and enjoy the ride up to the sky. You can bet the view up there at dawn is extraordinary. It’s a peaceful and relaxing kind of thrill ride if you ask me. Sometimes, the thrill is just by seeing the open and vast sky of this beautiful earth.

Vietnam: Son Doong Cave

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition - Son Doong Cave Vietnam - Ramble and Wander
Alas, we have come to the last option - cave exploration. What better way to really kick up that adrenaline and face your fears heads on by trekking into the darkest and deepest side of Mother Nature? Hitch a ride to Vietnam and head on to Son Doong Cave - also known as the Mountain River Cave – where you’ll see a whole new different world inside. Have you ever watched The Descent? Maybe you shouldn’t watch it before going into the cave, just to keep your anxiety on the safe level. Inside the cave, you’ll be able to see some huge stalagmites and stalactites, discover an underground river (where it would really elevate your anxiety to the max) and be in awe of the hidden jungle you never expect to see - especially inside of a cave! I’m always fascinated by how the natural world can just surprise us at every turn and corner.

- - - - -

You know, writing about all these places, makes me want to pack up my things and just go out on some spine-tingling adventure. Life is so full of it and should not be left unexplored, don’t you think? Have you guys tried any of these adventures? What was it like? Or have you got any other exhilarating escapades in Southeast Asia that you’d like to recommend?

Conquering Southeast Asia: The Thrill-Seekers Edition - Skytrex Adventure Malaysia - Ramble and Wander

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  1. I'm going to SEA for my birthday next year and have been dreaming about taking a ride on a tuk tuk. Taking a hot air balloon ride over Bagan seems like something out of a dream! I haven't been in a hot air balloon before, so I think that's an appropriate birthday treat, don't you think?

  2. I love this post, as these activities are totally up my alley, and I've actually done a few. Thanks for the write-up and the inspiration!

  3. Caving in Son Doong Cave sounds like right up my alley! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. wooowowowowhooo hahahaha apa kabar abang ganteng .. sudah lama tak bersua, kemana saja apa kabar :D .. aduh ini on bucket list SEA .. hihihi rindu malaysia

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