Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iran: Qavam House ( Naranjestan Museum ) in Shiraz

Tucked away behind high walls of Shiraz University's Asia Institute is Naranjestan Museum, or what is also known as Qavam House. Surrounded by the beautiful Eram Garden (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Qavam House itself is also a beauty, having been built in late 19th century by a family of merchants to showcase their elegant and refined way of life. Of note is the mirrored porch as well as beautiful paintings and intricate designs on the ceiling of the various rooms in the house.

One of the main rooms and the mirrored porch
(click on each photo for a larger image)

The living area on the ground floor was closed at the time of visit,
which probably explains why the dining table was in the middle of the room :-)

Paintings on various ceilings
(click on each photo for a larger image)

Another ceiling with plaster work (?). 

Restoration work on the house was completed in late 1960s. Today, the museum as well as the garden are part of Shiraz Botanical Garden.

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  1. Actually how long did u spent time in Iran ? mcm byk jer tempat ko pegi.. dengki terus aku.. terus rasa nak beli tiket pegi Iran.. haha

    1. Only 7 days, heheh! 2 in Tehran, 2 in Esfahan and 3 in Shiraz (incl. 1 day trip to Persepolis). Mmg berjalan dari pagi sampai malam, tu yg boleh cover byk tempat. Even then I have not managed to cover all the places of interest. Would definitely recommend a minimum of 3 days in each city.

      Beli, jgn tak beli. Before AirAsia X pulls out from flying to Tehran ;-)

  2. The stained glass windows are fabulous, aren't they? Beautiful shots, Cik R! Can't wait to see the ones from Paris :)


    1. Yup, I love stained glass windows! Unfortunately not many houses use stained glass for their windows these days. Even if they do, most use heavy curtains to cover their windows :-S

      Thanks for the compliment, by the way. Paris photos? At the going rate, I'll probably put them up later on this year, haha! ;-)

  3. Fab!!!^^
    i love the arquitecture ;)


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