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Iran: The Citadel of Arge Karim Khani

Arge Karim Khani, despite it looking like a citadel and sometimes even known as Citadel of Karim Khan, is not exactly a citadel per se. At least it is not like other citadels in the Middle East and North Africa region, e.g. citadels in Amman and Cairo. The design on the outside is obviously of military in nature, like a fortress, but inside, it has residential architecture built into, and just behind, the thick walls.

This was the home of someone who had been cited as “one of the most just and able rulers in Iranian history”, Karim Khan Zand, a ruler of Iran from mid-18th century, and founder of Zand Dynasty. Someone who, instead of using the title "Shah" or "King", used the title "Vakil e-Ra'ayaa", the "Representative of the People". 

Located in the city centre of Shiraz (see aerial view here), Arge Karim Khani's main features include a beautiful tree-lined courtyard, ornate living quarters and a very welcoming hammam, a steam bath room.

View of Arge Karim Khani from the outside

This tile work right above the entrance to the "citadel" was added later, i.e. not during the reign on Karim Khan.

Tree-lined Courtyard

Living Quarters
Curtains are used to cover the windows to prevent direct sunlight from damaging the interior


(click on each photo for a larger image)

How some of the walls are decorated

Receiving the British

Hammam - The Steam Room Area (I think)


In the hammam
(Left pic.) Toilet (Right pic.) Bath Area
(click on each photo for a larger image)

Hammam - Bath Area.
Those steps lead to a small and simple pool/ tub room

The inside of the dome in the bath area in the hammam

What do you think of this place in general, and of its hammam specifically?

I actually spent more time in the hammam than in other areas when visiting the citadel. Would probably have been only too happy to stay inside there the whole day if it's still a working hammam ;-)

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  1. At first, pendeknya entry nih. then i clicked "Click here to read more" hahahaahha

    what is the difference between hamam and dauratul miah ? hamam suppose to be toilet and dauratul miah means bathroom right ?

    and now i know where Yuna got her inspiration for her "turban" headscarf.

    1. Kalau tak ada 10 gambar untuk setiap entry, tak sah entry tu ;-)

      By the way, here hammam refers more to Turkish bath (and not "Arabic"'s hammam) which is a steam bath.

      Re: Yuna + "Turban" headgear, I wouldn't know, haha!

  2. Yeah, who wouldn't want to be inside such a beautiful hammam..he.he..? The citadel looked very empty though...

    1. Exactly :-). Yup, there're not many people at the citadel when I was there. Just a few locals at the time, including students doing some revision and people doing some conservation work.

  3. fab!!!^^
    i love it ;)


    1. Hi there, Aitana! Glad that you love it :-)

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