Sunday 30 July 2017

RaW Travel Essentials (Part 1)

Okay. I’m starting a new series – RaW Travel Essentials – on my blog, just to share about my personal travel essentials. Each post would cover just one item, where I’ll share some relevant tips and perhaps do some quick reviews as well, where applicable. And so, for this first post, it’s sunglasses. Sunglasses? Yup, sunglasses! 😎 Whether it’s for summer travels, or winter travels, and especially for daily use whilst out and about in Malaysia, sunglasses have become like one of my top travel essentials – because most people tend to forget about them, concentrating on the more obvious ones like chargers (phone/camera/laptop), travel plugs, etc. By putting it at the top of my list, it is most likely that I won’t forget bringing one during my travels. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to list down the benefits of wearing one, right?

Sunglasses haven’t always been in my list however. I’ve only started using one less than 10 years ago when I first moved to Dubai, UAE from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It was summer and at the height of it, the temperature even went up to 50 degrees Celsius. Until then, I’d never thought of any need for a pair of sunglasses. The sunlight during day time though, could be really harsh on the eyes. I remember going to Dubai Outlet Mall in the outskirt of Dubai with my colleague/boss. We were not exactly looking to buy anything, just wanted to pass time one weekend. I however spent the time hopping from one sunglasses store to another, looking for something that is perfect for my face shape and of course, my budget. Being a fussy customer that I usually am, I had to go back and forth between two to three stores trying out one pair after another before finally deciding on the one to buy.

The whole process was really tiring and time consuming too. What more when I was a newbie when it comes to sunglasses. Selecting one design that I like only to find out that it doesn’t suit my face. Or doesn’t have the perfect size. Or being way above my budget. And each time, you have to wait for the staff to take the glasses from display, or check for your size, etc. And if any of the above requirements is not fulfilled, the whole process starts again. I bet I’d managed to annoy the staff at those stores without much try that afternoon. And not to forget my colleague/boss too – although he’s probably like the most patient guy I’ve ever met. (I hope he doesn’t read this post though, haha!)

After a few hours however, I ended up with two pairs, a Rayban and a Ralph Lauren, both of which I have been happily using these past few years.

I hadn’t really considered getting a new pair after all these years. Firstly, because I’ve been happy with the glasses that I’d bought in Dubai. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I couldn’t really be bothered to start and endure the whole process again. That was until I found out about SmartBuyGlasses.com.my, an online store that sells, surprise, surprise, glasses.

Browsing their site was easy. Despite the many selection that they offer, you can easily filter them based on your favourite brand (they have plenty listed!), price range, frame colour & type, lens colour & types (e.g. polarised, prescription, etc.), shape (e.g. aviator, round, square, etc.) and a few more other options, so that you can narrow down your choices within just a few minutes in the comfort of your home. Talk about appeals.

One thing that had made me not consider online shopping for sunglasses before was how would I know if the shape and size are perfect for my face? What if I buy one pair, only to find out later upon delivery that it doesn’t fit me? What a hassle it would be, wouldn’t it? Well, fret not. On the site, you can try some of the glasses virtually to see if they look good on you. Also, it turned out that my concern about the size wasn’t well founded – admittedly it’s probably due to the fact that I’m such a noob when it comes to buying glasses, heh! Well, I don’t wear prescription glasses, and as mentioned earlier, my one and only experience of buying sunglasses was years ago.

In the description of every pair of sunglasses, the site would list down the size of the glasses in terms of lens width & height (eye size), the space between the two lenses (bridge size) and the length of the arms of the glasses (temple size). Being the noob that I was (until recently, that is), I took out my ruler and tried a few times to measure my Ralph Lauren for sizes to compare. Luckily I did that alone, in the comfort of my home, with no one else present. Why? Because it saved me from embarrassment after finding out that you can actually get the size details/information easily from the inside of the frame. Yes, you can laugh at me now 😛 but for those who didn’t know any better, here’s an example of the code from the inside of the frame of my Ralph Lauren to help give you the idea:

RL 7003 9002-S/13 68[]11 120 3N

You can guess that the first half part of the code is more like the brand & design code. It’s the second half part that would be of interest if you’re looking for the size. From the above, you can work out that:
  • Eye size – 68mm
  • Bridge size – 11mm
  • Temple size – 120mm
I’ve read that in general, the eye and bridge sizes can vary up to 2mm either way so I was pretty happy to find a pair of sunglasses that I like have the following size: 69mm & 10mm.

So there you go. That’s how I was convinced that I’d be getting the right sized sunglasses from an online store. I thought if it still doesn’t fit, then I can always return it to SmartBuyGlasses for an exchange within 100 days of receipt. It would cost me nothing to return it as they’d cover the postage as well. (It’s free delivery too in the first place, if the transaction is over MYR310.)

In any case, I got my new sunglasses delivered by a courier a few days after submitting my order. As I’d hoped, it was a perfect fit and now ready to travel with me.

How about you? Do you consider and list sunglasses as one of your travel essentials? Or do you just take it for granted as something that you’d automatically bring with you on your travels? If you're getting a new pair, would you buy them online? 

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  1. Good grief, I would never travel without sunglasses as it really hurts in the bright light. I'm so fussy about mine though, it takes me forever to choose a pair and I like to be able to try them on before buying

  2. I have always worn sunglasses because we are from a region that basically has sun almost the entire year. I don't travel without them either. They have to be stylish and purposeful. Great idea for a series.

  3. I would consider sunglasses not only as a travel essential but also as my every day must essential - I never leave the house without them! How cool is it that you can send the glasses back and smartbuyglasses even covers the feed. Great to know!

  4. Yes, we've often forgotten to pack sunglasses with us (or had them break during our travels) and have to make a mad dash to an accessory store or chemist to find a pair on the go. I like that you've provided the details of the code that is found on the arms, as it's so helpful to know what they mean and how it will affect the fit. I prefer to buy mine in person, so I can still try them on, but it's good to know Smart Buy Glasses offer a free exchange within 100 days!

  5. sunglasses never been on my travel essential because I rabun and have my spectacles or contact lense. tapi jeles la tengok kawan2 berootd dengan sunglasses diorang. kadang2 boleh menambahkan kecantikan or kehenseman seseorang. eh

  6. Sunglasses are 100% a travel essential for me! I once went on a trip without them and I was in a panic to buy new ones. Tip: bring an extra pair. I've lost ones in the ocean before when a big wave comes!

  7. I never bought sunglasses online either for the exact same reason! Thanks for the tip on the code on the inside of the frame - I never knew about that! I will look into SmartBuyGlasses!

  8. Never thought of buying sunglasses online. Im quite fussy when it comes to sunglasses and normally try at least 5 pairs before I find something I like.

  9. I definitely do consider sunglasses a travel essential. I can be sensitive to light and nothing ruins a day like a migraine!

  10. Totally agree with you, sunglasses are one of my biggest travel essentials, especially because we do a lot of road trips, and it's a very big part of driver safety when you're on the road :)

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