Saturday 29 July 2017

2017 Beach Fashion Trends

As you all know, I enjoy the beach. When I was in Barcelona, I spent a lot of time there, and got some great shots in. There is something special about being next to the sea and being able to stake out your own piece of paradise for a couple of hours.

In Spain, the beaches get really crowded, especially in August, when the locals join the millions of tourists. At that time of the year, Madrid, Barcelona and most other cities empty of people. Everywhere, tens of thousands of people shut up their bars, restaurants and family businesses for two or three weeks and head to the coast, or the mountains.

A Spanish beach in August is a sight to behold. The guys will be looking fantastic in their swim shorts, and all the women will be wearing the latest style of swimwear

When they can afford it, the Spanish love to stay on trend. Now that the economy is starting to take off again people once again able to spend a bit more on their appearance. 

For the men, it looks like swim shorts will once again be the swimwear of choice. Like in most parts of Europe there is a real 80s retro vibe going on, so plain capsule style swim shorts, with a drawstring waist seems to be what is mainly available in the shops. 

Off the beach, long shorts are also out. This year, most men´s shorts finish mid thigh, and it is the cargo style that dominates.

T-shirts are still going to be the top of choice, but short sleeve shirts seem to be making a bit of a comeback. When it comes to men´s summer clothing there is a little bit of a smart casual vibe going on, in Spain. During August, most men are likely to still opt to wear shorts, but they are more likely to be pair them with a short sleeve shirt and smart sandals than a sloppy t-shirt and sandals.

For us women, it seems that it is the bikini that is set to dominate. In the shops, they far outnumber one-pieces, so I guess that is what most women will be wearing.

This year´s bikini designs are striking, with a much brighter colour palette being used. Think hot orange, bright red and electric blue, and you get the picture. 

However, there is little evidence of the string bikini trend that is so popular in other parts of Europe spreading to Spain, but there is still time for that to happen. In Spain, most women´s fashion retailers change their range every 6 to 8 weeks. So, by the time August gets here we could see more string style bikinis being made available.

Footwear wise, the trend for both men and women is the same, sandals rather than the flip flops that dominated last year. Ironically, the hottest beach shoe trend in Spain is printed espadrilles. 

It has been decades, since they were last in fashion here, but this traditional style of footwear is proving surprisingly popular with locals and tourists alike. If you would like to know more about this ancient style of footwear, just click this link.

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Are you all geared for a summer beach holiday? What are your must haves for this year's holiday?

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  1. I love hitting the beach for a few hours as well. So soothing and calming. But you won't find me in a bikini!! LOL!!!

  2. Oh nooooo. Sorry, but short shorts are not a good look on men. And I will always be a flip-flop kind of girl, especially on the beach. You want to have a functional sandal you can easily slide off when you reach the sand.

  3. unfortunately I am in Melbourne and it is all winter here...will head back to the northern hemisphere in fall!

  4. I am a fan of the one piece, even if it's uncool! haha! Not sure about short shorts. Thanks for the beach trend advice.

  5. I don't feel particularly comfortable in a bikini so I always prefer the cute '50's style or one pieces. Yet bright colors are always a huge bonus!

  6. Funny how fashion changes so much. I live by the sea here in Brighton and pretty much anything goes :)

  7. Espadrille by the beach is new to me.I think it just purely not my sense of style but didn't know that it's more popular in Spain with bikinis. I love watching women wearing string bikinis and I am still trying to check if I could wear it as well.

  8. Really interesting! I love hitting the beach, but not so much heading into the water, so this is perfect for me. I actually heard an Australian beach travel trend is that beach bags are getting lifted more and more now, because people obviously travel with fasionable items, and their electronics, and then leave the bags unattended. So I would def make note to keep your valuables secure if you walk away :)

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