Monday 28 March 2016

Malaysia: Beautiful Terengganu

As a travel blogger who hails from Terengganu, a state in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, I’m very much excited about 2017 as it has been declared as Visit Terengganu Year. And the best thing about it? The promotion for the Visit Terengganu Year has started a few months back in late 2015 when Pesona Terengganu (Charming Terengganu) expo was held in Kuala Lumpur. It gave the opportunity to everyone in the Klang Valley to find out more about and have a taste of what Terengganu can offer even before they visit Terengganu, and long before 2017.

Following the success of the expo in Kuala Lumpur (which over 100,000 people attended), another one was recently held in the southern state of Johor for 5 days between 23rd and 27th March, giving the opportunity to those in the southern region like Johor and Melaka, and Singapore as well, to get introduced to my #BeautifulTerengganu without having to travel far.

The 5-day event, aptly called Beautiful Terengganu, however brought something different and better this time compared to Pesona Terengganu last year. If Pesona Terengganu expo in Kuala Lumpur offered 3 main areas of exhibitions that covered Consumer Show, Trade Show and Terengganu Kitchen (which showcased Terengganu’s local dishes and delicacies), Beautiful Terengganu has, on the other hand, improved on their offerings by also including a Travel Mart, where some 36 travel agencies have joined forces to offer great travel and holiday packages to Terengganu. (If you guys have been following me on some of my social media accounts, you’d have noted that I’ve been sharing some photos and tips on Terengganu as well, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, over the same period the expo was held. That’s how excited I was with the event! ;) )

At the same time, visitors were also introduced to, and entertained with, various Terengganu’s local cultural and traditional games performances, thus making Beautiful Terengganu expo an event that appealed to everyone, from businessmen to holidaymakers, among adults and children, locals and foreigners. In short, it's a wholesome event for everyone and a great showcase for the state that is also known with the tagline "Beautiful State, Beautiful Culture".

The success of Beautiful Terengganu programme is reflected in the number of visitors who attended the expo, which was well over 200,000 in just 5 short days. Personally, I hope it has managed to introduce Terengganu as a travel destination that does NOT just offer beach and island holidays, as it is most popular for, to many more households. There is certainly more that is on offer on top of that. As the tagline for the programme goes, 

“There is more to Terengganu than what you know”

If you’ve just missed the expo, another one has been planned for Kuala Lumpur later in the year – at Dataran Merdeka from 7th to 10th September 2016. Do mark your calendar! If you can’t wait until then, you can always head direct to Terengganu to get a first-hand taste of what Terengganu has to offer. :)

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