Wednesday 17 December 2014

Egypt: Day 1 - Hotel Novotel Cairo El Borg

The area in front of the hotel
JC and I got off our taxi in front of Hotel Novotel Cairo El Borg for our second night in Egypt. Again, we had chosen to book a room here because of the hotel’s location. It’s on Zamalek Island, and it’s just a short walk along a bridge to cross the Nile to Tahrir Square which, in turn, is not that far from Egyptian Museum. And just like the previous night in Giza, we had booked the cheapest room available at this hotel, a 'city view' room and not a 'river (Nile) view' room.

It was late at night and the surrounding area was dark. The hotel looked dark too from the outside. Not much light can be seen from the many windows above. We entered the empty lobby and noticed just one guy manning the reception. The hotel restaurant, located almost behind the reception, although still opened, looked empty too.

The reception guy greeted and welcomed us to the hotel. I passed our booking details to him when he asked if we had made any reservation for the night. He promptly keyed in a few details and checked his computer screen. 

He frowned.

“Okay, this doesn’t look good”, I said to myself.

He tapped a few more keys and nodded a few times.

“Okay, sir. I’m sorry but I have some bad news, good news and not so good news.”

“Oh shit!” I said under my breath. “What are they?” JC asked.

“I’m afraid we don’t have the room that you had booked available for tonight… but the good news is I’m going to upgrade you to another room."

And then he added, "It’s a corner one-bedroom suite, sir”.

“A corner one-bedroom suite?” I asked, in case I heard it wrong the first time.

“So what’s the not so good news?” JC quickly jumped in.

“Yes, a corner one-bedroom suite. I’m afraid we don’t have twin beds in the room, sir. Only one double bed but there’s a big sofa bed in the living room.”

JC and I looked at each other, not believing our luck in getting upgraded for 2 nights in a row. 

We both were trying hard not to burst out laughing.

“It’s okay, that’s not a problem. We’ll take it.”

View of River Nile and Cairo from our suite.
The red building on the right is Egyptian Museum.

View of Cairo from our suite.

P.S.: We later found out that not only we got upgraded but the suite also offers views of the Nile, and that it's probably the second most expensive type of rooms available at the hotel, heh!

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  1. You are super lucky! Update with some more pictures.

    1. That's what we thought! Hahaha! Will certainly share more photos in upcoming posts, insha Allah :)

  2. getting a room upgrade is not bad news...it's definitely gooooodddd neewwwsss..ha..ha.. lucky u..!. one of the most expensive rooms pula tu... (hmmm... some people have the luck!)

    1. Haa! I was worried that there's no room available at all, in which case, mana nak cari hotel malam2 kat tempat yg kita baru sampai :)

  3. so you shared a bed with a guy? *noted* :P

    1. Why? Jealous? Hahaha! :p No lah. He slept in the living room while I stayed in the room. :)

  4. Sometimes luck will come somehow and from no way :D untung la dpt upgrade bilik mahal.. :D

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