Monday 20 January 2014

Russia: Moscow's Beautiful Metro Stations

When we think of Moscow, we think of the Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, the KGB and maybe the river cruise as well. Have you ever heard of Moscow Metro as an attraction? Yep! Me neither, until maybe a couple of weeks before I flew to Moscow for a weekend trip from Dubai.

As it was just a quick trip, I tried to do some travel planning and came up with a brief itinerary on what to see and do in Moscow. A friend, who hosted me in Moscow, had earlier told me to include a trip to some of the metro stations. So that’s exactly what I did and I’m thoroughly happy that I did. I came away totally impressed with the service and the beauty of some of their stations.

The following few photos show some of the most beautiful Moscow Metro stations. How I wish I had a better camera (and better camera skills, heh heh!) at the time.

There are too many beautiful metro stations in Moscow but the more popular ones, in no particular order, are:

  • Komsomolskaya
  • Kievskaya
  • Mayakovskaya
  • Prospekt Mira
  • Arbatskaya
  • Novoslobodskaya
  • Krasnopresnenskaya
  • Belorusskaya
  • Park Kultury
  • Elektrozavodskaya
Have you been to any of these metro stations? Do you recommend any other Moscow Metro stations for their beauty?

Beauty aside, Moscow Metro has more than 180 stations, covering about 300km and it is one of the busiest in the world. You never have to wait for more than 3 minutes or so for a train. How's that for an efficient public transport system? :-)

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  1. Of course I have never been to any. Haha.

    But they are beautiful. So beautiful. And as the design is so classic, the TV monitor at the Belorusskaya looks so out of place.

    Some of the underground stations in [former] communist countries were built to function as a bunker too in case of emergency. Is it the same with the Moscow Metro?

    1. Haha! Khai! Yes, if I'm not mistaken some of the stations were built to function as a bunker too. Just some, not all. Beautiful bunker, no? ;)

  2. It's hard to even pronounce the names let alone take photos of them!
    Ok I have to get the names right first. Haha. Love the photos, again you're amazing at capturing them! *bodek ikhlas tahap dewa*

    1. I only remember them as this-kaya and that-kaya, haha! :) Thanks for the compliment (bodek pun ada ikhlas ke?) but I wish I could have done a lot better to do more justice to the stations. They really are beautiful.

  3. sangat cantik!

    u should find makna 'kaya' pada setiap nama station tu jugak, boleh masukkan dlm nx blogpost :-)

    1. Saya cuma ingat kaya je sebab lapar sepanjang hari ;) Err Ruggedmom tau ke apa maksud kaya tu?

    2. tak tau la tapi kalau kedai runcit cina kan selalu start dgn 'chop', cthnya Chop Sin Seng Guan. Mungkin ada persamaan kut

    3. Oh ada jumpa komen yg kata 'kaya' ni macam err... takde makna, cuma kata nama utk feminine and masculine. Macam Arabic kot...

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