Saturday 9 February 2013

Malaysia: My Selangor Story 2013 (09) - Back to Nature at Golden Palm Tree

Infinity Pool at Golden Palm Tree
Day 4 of My Selangor Story 2013 (MSS2013) programme was the day when we went back to nature. We started the day by having some (supposedly) light breakfast by the infinity pool at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa.

Some of the breakfast selection

“Light breakfast” because we’re going to have a basic yoga session at 8.30 a.m. at the spa on the first floor of the Club House and we were supposed to stop eating about 1 hour before the session.

“Supposedly” light breakfast because the puri and waffles were too tempting to ignore :-)

What was harder to ignore however was the real blue sky and the reflection that we got from the infinity pool. It's just unbelievably beautiful.

Infinity pool at Golden Palm Tree

Helga and the gang, doing yoga
Yoga session was fun. We sat, lied down, stood in positions never tried before. Didn’t even know that our (read: my) body is that flexible. The instructor was a hit among the girls. The guys meanwhile felt like our body has been hit, pulled, stretched and punched after the session finished.

Well, actually I don’t know about other guys but at least that’s what I felt. It felt good nevertheless.

And we were all ready to get on with our next activity, cycling around the village.

Just to show how beneficial a basic yoga session is to everyone even after just one session :-)
They have a free yoga session every Saturday morning, open to all patrons on first come first served basis 

After cycling, it was time to say good bye to the resort and their very accommodating and ever helpful personnel, Raja Murni and Nuura… but not before we were treated to lunch at Sepoi Sepoi Cafe and a session of group photo...

Chicken rice & the resort's signature drink

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  1. ho ho ho the Yoga pic and the jump gang hihii look so cute on it LOL

  2. ah saya lupa tak pasang foto cycling activity di blog
    *brb pasang juga ah

  3. aissshh....manisnya yang berkerudung biru itu...

    1. Wulan, of course! Satu-satunya yang paling manis dari Aceh, bukan? Hehe ;-)

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