Friday 8 February 2013

Malaysia: My Selangor Story 2013 (02) - The Beginning of the Story

View from Premiere Hotel
My Selangor Story 2013 (MSS2013) officially started with a short briefing on the programme at Premiere Hotel by Alison Wee, the programme organiser. This was followed by a welcome speech by Mr Ng Kien Ti, the e-Business Manager for Premiere Hotel, whom afterwards showed us around the hotel.

We had earlier checked in into the hotel at around 6. Devi (a fellow Malaysian blogger) and Ericka (who had flown into Kuala Lumpur from Surabaya, Indonesia the day before) and I had been picked up by Ms Chai Pooi Hang, one of the organisers, from Klang KTM Komuter Station at around 5.30 p.m.

The rest of the participants (apart from Farah), however got stuck in the heavy traffic while on their way from the airport to the hotel. Farah, another Malaysian blogger, apparently got stuck in the heavy traffic as well driving from her home in Kuala Lumpur; she only managed to arrive a bit later during dinner.

After le tour de Premiere, we were all ushered to The Buzz Café for our dinner.

Bloggers being bloggers, it didn’t take long before most of us started to take photos of the food on display on various counters and tables at the café.

What did I tell you? Even Alison, the organiser (seen on the left in the photo above), also joined the crowd ;-)

Some of us however didn't bother with taking photos. They just jumped for the food right away, heh heh! 

After I finished my second helping (*gulps* in my defence, the food at Premiere Hotel was good!), I started moving around from table to table, taking photos of the participants and trying to *observe* and get to know other participants.

So let us meet with the participants…

(L-R) Farah, Ridha, Mr Ng Kien Ti, Helga & Kus
Farah, I already knew her, having met a few times before. We were even in the same team in one of previous Tourism Selangor programmes. She travels off the beaten paths and is quite a good photographer. (Didn’t I tell you I know her already?)

Ridha, from Aceh, turned out to be my roommate for the next four nights.

Next to him is Mr Ng Kien Ti from Premiere Hotel.

Helga, who looked like a quiet person (but is he? :-) ), is a designer. A contender for Most Creative Blog category perhaps?

Kus Andi, noted for his hairstyle, is the winner of the Most Creative Blog category in the previous MSS programme. (Tsk! There goes my chance for that category!)

(L-R) Huda, Rika & Intan
Huda, another fellow Malaysian, a former teacher turned trainer. The only Malaysian participant whom I haven’t met before the start of MSS programme.

Rika… okay, I didn’t know much about her either apart from maybe that she’s a cute girl from Jakarta, ha ha! ;-)

Intan, whose first words to me were something like, “You have to teach how to take photos!” And I went like, “Eh? Teach you how to take photos??” *scratches head*

(L-R) Dicko, Citra, Wulan

Dicko, from Aceh. A quite reserved guy, unless maybe if you talk to him first after which he’s very friendly.

Citra, another guy from Aceh, who is also a man of few words. (In the beginning anyway, heh!)

Wulan, also a quiet person, and also from Aceh. But… there’s something about her and Dicko that I noticed… *coughs* ;-)

(L-R) Beni, Hijrah and Kasri
Beni, *confused*. Quiet? Talkative? A mix of both, or so I thought. :-)

Hijrah, a young business owner from Sabang, Aceh, who seemed to be taking photos of everyone and everything right from the moment he arrived at the hotel. Best Photo award, maybe? :-)

Kasri, a journalist and probably the most mature among us. (Yes, I’m still a kid, thanks)

(L-R) Ericka & Devi
Ericka, whose real name is actually Erick. (Apparently it’s a long story, and in case you’re wondering, no, she was not a man) ;-)

Devi, a fellow Malaysian blogger who has won so many contests and competitions. A total serial “competitor”? 

(L-R) Syauqie, Winny, Tahid & Husni
Syauqie, a young student from Aceh who likes to dress smart (he’s the only one in the group who wore a blazer to the programme! A politician in the making?)

Winny, whom when I approached to take a photo of the group at the table, *loudly & excitedly* told the other three something like, “This guy is a photographer. He’s been to so many countries!” Again, I was like, “Eh?” I didn’t know that I was a photographer. (Notice all the crappy photos above? Ha ha!)

Tahid, who unexpectedly is a *hyper* guy, very much unlike on Twitter, heh heh! I first noticed him on Twitter when he talked about having to make a big investment for the MSS programme.

And last but not least, Husni, who seemed to be disinterested in everything other than talking to Winny at the time. Pfftt! ;-) 

Footnote: I actually counted all the names above but got only 19 names when there’re supposed to be 20 participants. And then I realised that the 20th person was me! I wonder what the others’ first impression of me is like. *shudders* *nervous laugh* I sure hope not as “the photographer” but at least none of the Indonesian bloggers addressed me as Pak Ramble (Pak - a form of address to a much older guy), heh heh! :-D

Muara Ikan Bakar

After dinner, all of us went to Muara Ikan Bakar in Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang. The place is supposedly famous for seafood and we were supposed to be going there for supper. As we were still full from dinner at the hotel (did I tell you that everybody in the group said the food there was good?) nobody ordered anything at Muara Ikan Bakar.

We ended up walking around taking photos of the area. I bought a few otak-otak, a fish meat cake wrapped and grilled in banana leaf. I passed them around for my new friends to have a taste but I found it to be a tad too spicy to my liking. And at 80 sen a piece, a tad too expensive too. Not complaining though as we all got some pocket money from the organiser :-)

Happy faces

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  1. Hehehehe...okay. I thought you wrote something bad about me.

    Ah, FYI, Syauqie is an activist at his college. No wonder why he's wearing that blazer. :D

    1. Aah but Citra, you better wait for my next installments *laughs* ;-)

  2. hahaah seeee.. this guy seemed so silent in the first time you met
    but he is charming in fact :)
    nice post bang :D

    1. Thanks, Ericka, but who is "this guy" you're referring to? Citra? Charming? *faints* heh heh ;-)

  3. wow..u actually wrote something about all of us. So okay, my first impression towards you was a shy quiet guy who travels a lot but still keep things grounded. and oh yeah..almost forgot..always young at heart. :) it was nice meeting you.

    1. Haha! I guess that's the sanitised version of your first impression? ;-) It was nice meeting you too, by the way :-)

  4. A quiet reserved guy, right? Thank God, somebody noticed :). About Wulan, another Cinlok will be? Don't get jealous bout that, sir :p. Agree with Devi about you :). You're awesome *blushing*

    1. Dicko, what do you mean Wulan being another cinlok? You mean, she's not your cinlok? Haha! ;-) Err I'm awesome? *faints after blushing* LOL ;-)

  5. ah sedapnya makan malam di hotel premiere ituh
    apalagi ada cewe cantik disana

    harusnya kita juga makan di medan muara ikan bakar

    1. Wahh Helga, cewe mana yang cantik itu sih? Another cinlok, eh? :-p

  6. ahhahaha shame on me lol,,
    Did i speak loudly?hahha no ar :D,,,
    but seriously im jealous wth ur journey lol adn i should do the same thngs when i have time :) u inspired us.
    Actually i knw u'r a phottograpy from Intan lol

    1. Winny, I was just pulling your leg ;-) Glad that I inspire you. I do think everyone should travel more and discover more :-) Maybe all of us can travel together again somewhere one day soon? :-)

  7. sebab ini lah saya takut sangat dengan orang pendiam.

    1. LOL. Gak ada apa2 yang perlu takut, mas ;-)

  8. nice way of describing everyone. hehehhe.... now i wonder what you think of me. cisss!!!

    enjoyed reading the comments too :)

    1. Let's wait for the write up on Pahang Bloggers, shall we? *evil laughs* ;-)

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