Wednesday 21 March 2012

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Ramble and Wander

After all the museum visits, we were ready for a late lunch. This time, Muhammad brought me to another traditional restaurant that is located across the road from a heart hospital. If I recall correctly, the hospital is attached to a university so there were quite a lot of students around the area.

I requested Muhammad to choose and order his favourite meals for me to try, and oh, boy! He sure went riot with the order! (Muhammad, if you're reading this, just kidding! 😁) Well, he did order his favourites, I think, and he did choose well...

These are what we had:

Course 1:

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Kashkbademjan - Ramble and Wander
Kashkbademjan = eggplant + sour milk + mint + olive + walnut = yummy

Course 2

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Kufta - Ramble and Wander
Kufta = (rice + meat + bean) mashed together = smashing!

(It was however too big we didn’t finish it)

Course 3

From a pot, we have Dizzi = meat + bean

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Dizzi - Ramble and Wander

The gravy was taken out and mashed with some bread. And the "leftovers" were then mashed with that crusher thingy...

... to get this! 😁

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Dizzi - Ramble and Wander

We then ate this with some local bread like shown above...

Looks "weird", and not to forget a bit messy as well, I know, but they tasted good! 😊

And last but not least, we had some simple dessert consisting of some pastries and dates...

Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Dessert - Ramble and Wander

Note the sugar crystal sticks on the plate...They are saffron flavoured sugar crystal sticks, which are used to replace sugar in your tea.

Needless to say, after a 4-course lunch, we left the restaurant full and happy (+ a bit dizzy, if I may add), and ready for the next museum on the list! 😊

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Iran: Getting Dizzi with Food - Ramble and Wander

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  1. I'm sure they are good but Iranian food, arabic food not my bowl of curry lah! ;) Shawarma tu arabic ke? Ha, tu akak suka!

    1. Yup, they are good! You don't like Arabic food?? (Tau la suka Italian. But Italian got bowl of curry ka? ;-D) I love most of the region's food - mandi, maghluba, basbousa, khunafa, mughallabiya, bakhlava... well you get the drift, heheh! Too fattening though :-S

      Ha'ah, shawarma is Arabic, but it has its origin from Turkey. I can't really differentiate between shawarma and doner kebab other than the fact that if it's sold in a Turkish restaurant, it's doner kebab. Othewise it's shawarma :-S

    2. Not into Italian pun, masak je untuk diaorang ni.. Mandi I like and Shabiat as well but like you said, too fattening and cholesterol ridden! I’m into Thai.. I have never seen a fat Thai before :)

      Speaking of mandi dah lama x makan mandi, last time was with you. Suzi and Dani la.. hmmm, have to visit Tawassul soon

    3. That's more than a year ago! Tawassul is nice. There are 2 mandi places near MoE - Bait al Mandi & Zaina. Of the two, I prefer Zaina. Not as good as Tawassul, but still good, in my opinion. Cheap as well, heheh! ;-)

  2. meiinorizam22 March, 2012

    have never tried iranian cuisine, but those food do look so tasty!

    1. Meii, I think you should try it out. I'm sure there are plenty of Iranian restaurants in the UK. If not, you can always check with Ihsan. He's _supposedly_ into Iranian food, and knows quite a few restaurants there. Not sure if his knowledge extends to as far as the north east though :-)

  3. As a photography student I always follow your blog for reference. Thank you so much R.a.W.

    Here, I would like to share a citation from James, Cheadle. (2010). Portrait Photographer’s Style Guide. Page One Publishing Pte. Ltd. “When shooting travel portraits it’s important to capture the local flavor to give the viewer enough information to imagine the location without necessarily including everything in the shot.” Page 92.

    I am also really appreciate if you can share or give information about aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed & time taken and others tips of your photograph.



    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for following my blog. Am not exactly good at photography although I do try to improve my skils from time to time. Hopefully over time, you and everyone else here can see some improvement in the shots that I take.

      Re your suggestions on info: until I can get shots like those out of NatGeo Travel mags, I probably shouldn't publish details about aperture, speed, ISO, etc. of my photos. Or else it's probably going to end up as a guide on "How NOT to take your photos", eheh!

      Thanks for the suggestion though! :-)

    2. Hi R.a.W,

      It's ok, I'm understand but to me you already have a good skils! :-)

      Anyway, actually I was downloaded your set of pics UAE: Lunar Eclipse in Dec 2011 and was trying to make time-lapse by using Macromedia Director MX 2004.

      Unfortunately I cannot send it to your emel because the capacity of the time-lapse is too large. Do you have any idea how can I send it?

      I also want to say sorry for downloading without your permission, but don't worry I don't have the nerve to publish your works!


      ArtandSoul Art

  4. dizzy is my favorite!

    1. I'm green with envy, Jessie! :)

      Did you make a mess like in the photo above though? Haha! ;)

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