Monday, 26 March 2012

Iran: Tehran (Day 2 - Part III)

After lunch we literally drove further up the hilly part of northern Tehran to go to Niavaran Palace Complex. I was particularly interested to see the main Niavaran Palace itself, which was the main residence of the last Shah of Iran until Iranian Revolution took place back in 1979.

Can't remember the name of this legend but it's said that this guy's skills in shooting arrows - where his arrows land - was used to determine the border of Iran/Persia

The Palace Complex didn’t disappoint at all. There are a few buildings and a museum in the complex area. We walked a bit around the park and then headed to Niavaran Palace.

Apart from the statue (above - located in front of the palace) that had been cut following the revolution, the palace on the whole has been preserved as it was way back in 1979 so all visitors can see how the former shah and his family lived at the time. There’re plenty of reasonably huge halls to entertain guests as can be seen in some of the photos below.

The main Niavaran Palace - the last abode of Shah of Iran prior to 1979 revolution.


The reception hall on the ground floor and first floor, respectively.

The another reception hall & a dining hall on the first floor.

Farah Pahlavi's room and Shah of Iran's study/ afternoon room on the first floor.

Click on each image for a larger version

We walked around the complex again for a bit after the palace was closed for the day. Afterwards Muhammad dropped me off at the hotel for a short rest before coming back again to send me off at the Tehran Railway Station for my overnight train to Esfahan.

Next: Beautiful Esfahan! :-)

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  2. The legend name 's Arash the Archer

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