Sunday 29 May 2011

UAE: Camel Burger!

Nestled in one of the traditional buildings in Bastakiya area near Dubai Museum is a small restaurant, aptly called "Local House Coffee House & Restaurant", which specialises in some unique delicacies made from camel, e.g. camel burgers, camel milk, flavoured camel ice cream, chocolates, etc. The trend or the food rather, hasn't really caught on much here in Dubai. My guess would be that most customers tend to be residents and tourists who are trying it out for novelty reasons.

Some sample menu of camel-based dishes that can be dished out here at the restaurant

And we ordered Mediterranean Burger...

and some additional fries...

Total cost of these + a can of coke + a glass of pineapple juice = AED100 (~ USD27)

For more information on Local House Coffee Shop & Restaurant, please visit its website here.

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