Monday 27 July 2015

Traveloka Lucky Getaway Contest - Win a USD500 Travel Voucher!

Okay. So who doesn’t have a travel dream or a dream destination? *looks around and sees no one raising hands* Now who doesn’t want a USD500 travel voucher that could very well be used towards achieving your travel dream? *still sees no one raising hands* :D

If you do have a travel dream, don’t let it remain a dream. Let's work towards achieving it! You can work hard, and you can also work smart. And how do you work smart? One of them is to enter easy contests like this Traveloka Lucky Getaway where you could be in the running for a USD500 travel voucher! That’s almost RM2,000 based on the exchange rate at the time this post was published, guys! Have I piqued your interest yet? ;)

How to Enter

  1. Go to www.traveloka.com/en-my to browse and pick one dream destination; 
  2. Log in to the Contest widget (see towards the end of this blog post) using either your Facebook account or email account;
  3. Tell a story about your dream destination; and then
  4. Share it through your social media accounts and let your friends know you have just joined Traveloka Lucky Getaway contest.
And that's it! Easy, no? ;) Here are some more details about the Contest:

About the Contest

  • The Contest runs over 4 weeks from 27th July to 23rd August 2015;
  • The Contest is open to Malaysians only;
  • Contestants can participate more than once;
  • There will be 8 weekly winners who will receive mystery prizes. So in total, there would be 32 weekly winners (8 weekly winners x 4 weeks);
  • 5 finalists would then be selected from among these 32 weekly winners; and
  • 1 Grand Prize winner will be selected from among these 5 finalists to receive a USD500 travel voucher.

The vouchers will be sent through email at the end of the Contest period, after we have announced the winners. The vouchers are:
  • Transferrable;
  • Not exchangeable for cash; 
  • Only applicable for hotels; and
  • Available to use in August and valid until 31st December 2015.

So what are you waiting for, guys? Just enter the Contest below and who knows, your travel dream could very well come much sooner than planned!

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P.S. I would have wished you guys good luck and all the best but I actually want to win the voucher for myself too. I mean, guys, it’s USD500!!! Who doesn’t want it?? :p 

G O O D  L U C K  A N D  A L L  T H E  B E S T ! :)


Comments and feedback are always appreciated. So do leave one or two if you have the time. Thank you!

  1. Sangat menarik, thank you for the info , nak cuba nasib lah. Macam mana nak guna voucher tu actually?

    1. Boleh guna utk bayar tempahan bilik hotel di laman web Traveloka dengan menggunakan kod baucer. Cuba la, mana tahu kot2 menang!

  2. Interesting contest! Thanks anyway1

  3. gotta join this contest..
    tapi if the voucher can be redeemed for transportation.. lagi best..

    1. I think so too but still, anything that helps with the holiday budget is great, isn't it? ;) Good luck with the contest!

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