Friday 3 January 2014

Ramblings from Egypt: That Mastercard Moment

I had just gotten out of the Great Pyramid of Giza and was climbing down the steps when I noticed a young boy, possibly around 10, was walking towards me. He approached and asked,

Young local pedlar: Postcards, sir. Only 10 bound.

“Young” Malaysian tourist: La’... la’... mashkoor... (No, no, thanks...)

Young local pedlar: Kalam Arabi?? (You speak Arabic??) 

- - - - -

Ticket to Pyramids of Giza: Egyptian Pound 60
Ticket into the Great Pyramid of Giza: Egyptian Pound 100
The look on the young local pedlar: Priceless...

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  1. Hari tu.. tak masuk pun dalam piramid sebab kene bayar 100 pound tu huhuhuu.. sebab masatu bajet dah tak banyak .. best tak kat dalam piramid..???

    1. Hehe dah ada tulis cerita pasal pengalaman masuk dalam piramid dalam entry sebelum ni. ;-)

  2. MasyaAllah.. tatakallam arabi! *Jaw drop* Ahaks :D

    I can imagine the boy's look. Just like when in 2006 I was in Langkawi, speaking to this one American woman who suddenly speak in fluent Bahasa. Haha

    1. Ah-ha! I have had similar experience too whenever I met a non-Malaysian who can speak Malay. I would usually take a few seconds to register what the other person was talking about. The worst was possibly in a kebab shop in London. The guy asked, "Bawa balik?" and I asked him back, "What?". He repeated himself and I asked him the same question again. Then he asked, "Are you not a Malaysian?" *tepuk dahi*

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