Tuesday 14 June 2011

100 Most Beautiful Cities of the World

Almost exactly 4 years ago when I was moving to Saudi Arabia, a friend and a former colleague of mine gave me a book at the airport as a farewell gift. The book is entitled “100 Most Beautiful Cities of the World: A journey across five continents”. I couldn’t quite work out the wisdom in giving me that book because, I mean come on, I was moving to Saudi Arabia, okay? ;-D Anyways never mind about that... am glad to say that I have been using it as a reference for my travels for a bit now :-)

The book basically lists down what the author believes to be 100 most beautiful cities in the world, complete with colourful photos and informative text about them. The list might be a bit contentious to some but here it is:

North America
South America
01. Lisbon
02. Porto
03. Madrid
04. Cordoba
05. Seville
06. Granada
07. Barcelona
08. Paris
09. Lyon
10. Nice
11. Rome
12. Florence
13. Venice
14. Bologna
15. Dubrovnik
16. Athens
17. Istanbul
18. Brussels
19. Bruges
20. Antwerp
21. Amsterdam
22. Berlin
23. Lubeck
24. Hamburg
25. Munich
26. Dresden
27. Zurich
28. Berne
29. Vienna
30. Salzburg
31. Prague
32. Karlsbad
33. Bratislava
34. Budapest
35. Warsaw
36. Krakow
37. Gdansk
38. Tallinn
39. St. Petersburg
40. Moscow
41. Dublin
42. London
43. Oxford
44. Edinburgh
45. Oslo
46. Copenhagen
47. Stockholm
48. Helsinki
49. New York
50. Washington DC
51. Chicago
52. New Orleans
53. San Diego
54. San Francisco
55. Vancouver
56. Toronto
57. Mexico City
58. Havana
59. Quito
60. Lima
61. La Paz
62. Valparaiso
63. Rio
64. Montevideo
65. Buenos Aires
66. Jerusalem
67. Amman
68. Damascus
69. Baghdad
70. San'a'
71. Aden
72. Dubai
73. Tehran
74. Isfahan
75. Samarkand
76. Lahore
77. Delhi
78. Kathmandu
79. Lhasa
80. Yangoon
81. Bangkok
82. Saigon
83. Kuala Lumpur
84. Singapore
85. Hong Kong
86. Shanghai
87. Beijing
88. Seoul
89. Tokyo
90. Kyoto
91. Sydney
92. Melbourne
93. Marrakech
94. Fes
95. Tunis
96. Cairo
97. Aswan
98. Abidjan
99. Durban
100. Cape Town

So how do you fare? How many of these cities have you been to? What's the percentage like? Which city or cities you love best? Which city or cities that are not in the list but you believe should be up there as well? Which one would be the destination of your next dream holiday? Go on, share it with the rest of us here :-)

P.S: By the way, does anyone notice anything amiss about the list above?


Comments and feedback are always appreciated. So do leave one or two if you have the time. Thank you!

  1. Komentar saya..

    1. Hmmm one of my favourite city not in the list! QUEENSTOWN, NZ..So yes, something is wrong with the list! How could he miss Queenstown? is he nuts?? hehehehe (sapa la author tu ye)

    2. Out of 100 cities listed above, i've only been to 11 cities je..hmmm kesian..and it means i have to travel more often la kot..kan?

    3. Cities i love most are Kyoto, Amsterdam, Queenstown, and Jaipur. Dont asked me why, i just love them so much that i want to revisit again and again and again ;p

    4. Hmm this is the toughest question to answer, but i would love to go to Cape Town or eastern african countries like Kenya/Tanzania, for the great migration, cewahhhh.. (tapi takda telezoon lagi... emm mcm mana? ;s) and also to Andalucia (Granada & Cordoba) for the islamic heritage in Spain, hmm actually i've more to say on this, but i rather to keep it to myself, nanti u pening nk baca panjang2 list i tu..heheheh

    1. Wahhh panjangnya komentar... semangat... haha!

      1. Yup, I noticed that too, NZ cities are missing from the list. But since I haven't had the chance to visit NZ, I crossed my mind that the author might think it's NZ's countryside that is beautiful, and not its cities...

      2. 11 cities is not bad... but yes, definitely a good excuse to travel more often. Not that I think you'd need any excuse to travel, haha!

      3. Of the 4 cities that you mentioned, I have only been to Amsterdam and Jaipur. It's hard to pick and choose which cities to go back to because I certainly wouldn't mind going back to any of them. There are however a few cities which I have been to at least twice or more, and they include Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Brussels, Brugges, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, Amman, Damascus and Dubai ;-D

      4. Yup, I'd love to cover more of Africa & the South America as well. Perhaps in 2013 or 2014? (Telezoom boleh pinjam, haha!) Andalucia is totally awesome! You should include Seville as well, apart from Madrid, Toledo & Barcelona.

  2. for me islamabad is first

  3. Johannersburg Cape town and durban should be there. I am not from South Africa but its the most better place in Africa in terms of many things compared to African countries.

  4. Ala, baru 3 cities. haha.

    So, what's amiss with the list? *Just curious to know if BlueEwoke is right or there is something else we didn't notice...

    1. 3 cities? Bertabahlah abang Khai, hahaha! Tak apa, boleh jadi excuse to travel more.

      Yeah, NZ is missing.

  5. It is a great list you did very well job.

  6. I've been to 53 of them. I'm curious as to what constitute "beautiful" to make it into the list.

    1. Nice! You passed! Haha! Not sure how the author defined 'beautiful' but do you disagree with the list esp. based on the 53 cities that you've been to? Any other cities that you think should be in the top 100 but not?

  7. 17 je....alahaiiii

  8. 21 je. Sedih. Haha...

    1. Okay dah tu. Boleh guna sebagai alasan utk travel banyak lagi ;)

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