Sunday, 6 May 2012

Iran: Esfahan's Masjid Imam (Part II)

When I came out of Masjid Sheikh Lotf Allah, it was already getting dark and soon after I could hear a chorus of adhan (the call to prayer) for Maghrib prayer (an evening prayer which is to be performed right after sunset).  I walked over to Masjid Imam and saw that the main front doors were opened and there were a few people going inside for their Maghrib prayer.

I debated with myself whether or not to join them.

I approached the masjid and entered through its front door.  One guy quickly said to me that the masjid is closed now for tourists.  I said, "Salah?" but got no response from him.  Then I remembered that salah is an Arabic word, and not Persian, for formal prayer.  I then said, "Namaz?" accompanied by some sign language like I was performing a prayer, just in case I got the pronunciation wrong.  In response, I got the direction to a small prayer hall.

Before that however I needed to carry out wudhu (ablution) so I walked along a beautiful corridor in search of the wudhu area.  And managed to take the photo below, half expecting to be told off by the lady at the back ;-D

Once I was done with the wudhu, I entered the small prayer hall - which I believe is used for congregational prayers other than Friday prayers - and saw a box full of turbas (singular: turba), i.e. sand stones, right next to the entrance.  Shia followers in general use turba to prostrate on, i.e. by putting their forehead on the sand stone instead of the ground.  Sunnis however do not do this.

So again, for a few seconds, I debated with myself.  Whether or not to take one.

I took one... but didn't actually use it in the end.  And nobody actually said anything.  Everyone was concentrating on their prayer.

After the prayer, I walked around the masjid's courtyard for a bit and managed to snap a few more photos of the masjid before finally saying goodbye to Esfahan. 

P.S: These were taken in haste as I had to rush back to the hotel for the airport pick up, so unfortunately they don't look as sharp as I would have liked them to be :-S

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  1. Amazing! Didn't think it would be nice to photograph the Masjid Jameh at night as well!

    1. Hi there, wanderme!

      Yup! If I have the chance again, I'd spend one whole day and evening in Imam Square alone to cover all the 4 main places of interests there, to take photos during day time as well as night time. And hopefully I won't need to rush to somewhere that time ;-)

      Thanks for visiting by the way, and do come back again soon :-)

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